Bringing Historical Cookery to Life

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We believe 4and20 Blackbirds takes historical re-enactment cookery to the next level. We are unique in that the focus of the group centres entirely on taking food almost literally from the field to the feast before the eyes of the public. This involves demonstrating very basic food preparation processes that are being lost in today’s world, from churning butter to milling grain, etc.

Cooking and dining could not exist without tradesmen and skilled craftsmen to supply the necessary goods and services. 4and20 Blackbirds has therefore created a small community of people demonstrating skills and occupations necessary for the provision, preparation and consumption of food in the late medieval period.

We invite you to join 4and20 Blackbirds if:

You are enthusiastic, willing to work long hard hours, eager to enjoy new experiences, have a great sense of humour, are happy to “pitch in” with whatever is necessary whenever necessary, and can interact positively with members of the public.

  • You could be an experienced re-enactor looking for a new or additional direction.
  • You could be new to re-enactment with the desire to take up new challenges.
  • You could be a skilled craftsman, trader, or demonstrator with activities or merchandise appropriate to the period.

We encourage inquiries from anyone who would like to know more. See the Contact page for details of how to reach us.


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